What is Voice Broadcasting?

June 5th, 2017

Voice broadcasting gives your business the power to deliver thousands of messages with the press of a “Start Campaign” button. The automation of voice broadcasting saves thousands of dollars and hours of manpower.

Who doesn’t want higher profits from their company? Whether you are selling an offer, sending out a poll, or simply letting parents know their child missed class, voice broadcasting can help.

Have you received a call or message from someone asking you to “Press 1” to find out more information? What about when you receive a message from your doctor or dentist to remind you of an appointment?

The companies in these examples use voice broadcasting to send out their message.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting allows for quick and simple mass communication with a selected audience. Before the advent of Voice Broadcasting, an individual or group of agents needed to hand dial out thousands of calls and read off a script to deliver a message. This process was time-consuming and expensive, begging for an automated solution.

Development for voice broadcasting began during the 1990’s. The new technology eliminated the time-consuming process of the past. There was less need for people to make thousands of outbound calls.

When you use voice broadcasting technology today, your reach intended audience en masse and almost immediately. Once you have a pre-recorded message and a list of numbers to dial, the software handles the rest.

This essentially cuts out the need for an outbound dialing team. Unless you have other reasons to outbound dial, the voice broadcasting system sends the message for you.

There is a wide variety of options for voice broadcasting, including “Press 1” campaigns. Press 1 campaigns give the recipient the option to find out more about the deal by pressing a number on the dial pad. The Press 1 message essentially pre-qualifies the customers who press 1, negating the need for outbound reps.

All you need is a team of inbound agents to handle the calls from those who press 1.

Which Industries Does Voice Broadcasting Work For?

Using voice broadcasting can help any industry looking to send out a message to a large number of people.

● Churches looking to leave a message for their congregation
● Vacation packages seeking interested parties
● Giveaways for early-stage sales funnels looking to qualify prospects
● Political parties polling areas to determine interest in a candidate

There is no limit to the types of businesses that can find use for voice broadcasting.

How Do I Set Up A Voice Broadcasting Campaign?

With a solution like the one offered by Dialers.com, setting up a Voice Broadcasting campaign is fast and painless.

● Upload your list of prospects, leads, customers, or members
● Upload your pre-recorded message as an audio file
● Set up campaign rules like time of delivery and areas to block
● Begin dialing the campaign

The setup of a voice broadcasting campaign is simple but the followup is where the work comes in. Now you wait either for people to call the number you leave or to press 1 to find out more. Have your inbound agents ready to take calls and make sales.

Although the message will pre-qualify them, your agents still have work to do. Prepare them with scripts to ensure they stay on-topic with prospects who call.

Voice broadcasting provides an effective solution for mass communication needs. If you’re interested in finding out more about how voice broadcasting can help you get your message out, find out more here.

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