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Things like mailers, radio ads, and television can all be effective. However, they have one common problem. They take time to develop, and it can be months from the time you come up with an idea to when a consumer sees or hears your message. This makes traditional forms of advertising ineffective for those that need to respond quickly to something in the news or community. For example, if you are a non-profit that helps families after a disaster, you need to send out a message asking for support as soon as the disaster hits, not a month later.

Got a Last Minute Sale or Event?

Simultaneously, if you are a business that has decided to run a last minute clearance, you need to get the word out immediately in order to move your old inventory. Voice broadcasting allows you to do so. This form of advertising is incredibly effective for sending out last minute messages. You and your team can come up with a fantastic idea and execute on it that same day. In fact, if you already have a list uploaded, you can have calls go out within five minutes of recording your message. It is fast, easy, and affordable, making voice broadcasting an essential part of any marketing plan.

Simple, Easy to use Voice Broadcasting Interface

If you are used to traditional media, the idea of voice broadcasting may be intimidating. It is, however, incredibly easy to use. The first step is signing up with a service provider. While you can purchase the equipment and software to run your voice broadcasting in-house, this is actually more expensive and will take you time and effort to set up and maintain. If, however, you work with a third-party, you can be up and running that same day without spending any upfront money on software. Simultaneously, you won’t have to maintain the equipment over time which will also save you money.

What You Need To Get Started

In order to get started, you will need a lead list and a message. If you don’t have a lead list of existing customers, you can always buy one online. You can even have your list targeted to reach a specific demographic group, just be sure that it has been scrubbed against the DNC. After your list is in the system, you can either upload your message or have the software call you so that you can record it. Both should be fairly clear, and you can have the system complete a test call to ensure that it is. You can then determine the time of day that you want your calls to go out and how many times you want the voice broadcasting software to try and reach people. It is that simple. Voice broadcasting makes it possible to reach a large amount of people in a short amount of time and at a very low cost. If your company isn’t currently using this solution, you need to add it to your wheelhouse.

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