How easy is it to do robo calls?

Running a robo call is easier than you may think. There is a common misconception that you need to have expensive software and computer systems and while this is partially true, the software and systems are necessary, you don’t have to be the one to buy them. Simply work with a service provider that has the solution in place so that you can sign up and get started without the hassle. There has been a lot of attention placed on cold calling and robo calls in general. If you aren’t sure about the general process and whether or not you can use this solution, you are not alone. Given the confusion, here is what you need to know.

What is a robo call and is it similar to voice broadcasting?

When you run a robo call, you are prerecording a message that is then delivered to your list. This is done by the software dialing everyone on your list and following your instructions to either deliver the message when someone answers, an answering machine picks up, or both. In this way, a robo call is voice broadcasting, because you are broadcasting your message without needing to hire a team to cold call in your office.

Is it expensive to set up?

Not at all. It largely depends on who you decide to work with since some companies charge a set up fee and some don’t. In most cases, you will simply pay for the minutes that you use, making it incredibly affordable. You don’t need to make an upfront investment into the equipment, and if the software improves, the service provider will upgrade it so that you don’t have to.

Can I try it and cancel?

This depends on who you work with. You should work with a company that doesn’t require a long-term commitment so that you can determine how frequently you want to run a robo call and whether or not it is effective for your business. Is it legal? With the rules that have been placed on cold calling, many businesses are concerned about whether or not it is legal to place a robo call. The answer is yes, but you must work within the rules. Unless you have a current and established business relationship, and the approval to call someone on the Do Not Call list, you need to avoid calling them through this method. You should always scrub your lead list against the DNC before you make calls to ensure that you are in compliance. There are some organizations that are exempt from this like political campaigns, institutions like schools, public safety messages, etc. To stay in compliance and be able to make all types of calls, you should build your own customer opt-in list. This way you can call with a special offer and not worry about staying within the law. Otherwise, your robo call should be information-based.

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