What is ringless voicemail?

Multiply your response rates overnight! Ringless voicemail (or RVM for short) is the latest revolutionary technology in the contact center and telephony world. With ringless voicemail you are able to leave a pre-recorded voicemail dropped directly into the prospect’s voicemail inbox without ever ringing their mobile phone. 96% of people check their voicemail messages due to curiosity of who left a message without calling. This high percentage of people who check their voicemails result in over a 22% response rate!

How does ringless voicemail work?

You can set up your ringless voicemail campaign in just a four easy steps.

1) Record a voicemail to be left in voicemail boxes.
2) Determine the time of day you want to leave a voicemail.
3) Upload your list of leads into a campaign and run it.
4) The dialer leaves voicemails in people’s voicemail boxes at your predetermined time.

That’s it! Ringless voicemail is simple to set up and implement. Your leads will be calling you back by the afternoon to find out more about your offer.

Consider the amount of time you can save by reaching directly into prospects’ voicemail boxes. Don’t interrupt their day with a call from a random number. Instead, you can pique their curiosity when a new voicemail appears with no missed call! Allow the dialer to do the work for you while you save the time and money it takes to employ a warm-up team.

Can I use ringless voicemail by myself? Do I need a team?

This depends highly upon the amount of messages you plan to leave. If you run a small campaign and can handle return calls by yourself, you can operate as a sole entity. As long as you can take calls as they come in you can manage your own ringless voicemail operation.

If you’re dialing hundreds of thousands of numbers, it may be helpful to have a team to take the tens of thousands of calls you will receive from your campaigns. It is important to answer the calls back in order to capitalize on the lead’s curiosity and warm them up to the idea of your product.

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