Cloud predictive dialer

Using a cloud predictive dialer, can save you time and money. If you haven’t tried this solution, it is an easy way to increase the efficiency levels of your team and to generate more revenue without increasing your expenses. Sound too good to be true? Here is what you need to know about this modern solution –

What is a cloud predictive dialer?

This is a software program that is based in the cloud (online). A cloud predictive dialer will call multiple phone numbers at the same time, anticipating when one of your agents will be free to take a call, and transferring live customers when they are. This solution keeps your agents on the phone with a live call so that no time is wasted looking through lead lists, dialing the phone and waiting for someone to answer.

How will it help me to generate more money?

It’s simple. When you use a cloud predictive dialer, you are cutting away the wasted moments that constantly occur throughout the day. For example, if it takes ten to twenty minutes for each agent to get a live prospect on the phone, they are wasting hours of time every day. A cloud predictive dialer, makes multiple calls at once so that there is no downtime. Statistically, the more people that your agents actually speak with, the more sales they will close or appointments they will set. That will generate you more money.

What does it cost to use a cloud predictive dialer?

Since you are accessing a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to pay for the software or a server to house it on. The service provider you work with will be responsible for all of the system upkeep and maintenance as well. That means that you only need to pay for your usage. You will be able to track how many minutes are being used on any given day and set your budget accordingly. As such, how much it costs is entirely up to you.

How can I track results when using a cloud predictive dialer?

This is extremely easy. You will be able to login and see how many calls have been made, how many people answered, how many answering machines picked up, the number of phone numbers that were disconnected, etc. Keeping track of dispositions is easier than ever when using a cloud predictive dialer. You will still need to get sales reports from your agents. By comparing the two reports, you will be able to see how many calls need to be made to make one sale or how many live answers need to occur to get one appointment. This will help you to plan your sales strategy and to staff correctly. For example, if you need to double your sales numbers, you will know how many agents to hire, how many hours to give them, etc. A cloud predictive dialer gives you the data you need to make educated and informed business decisions in a timely fashion.

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