Auto dialer software

An auto dialer software is the way of the future. If you are still using a traditional phone service and dialing numbers by hand, your team is wasting the most valuable thing they have – time. As a business, if your team is wasting time, they are costing you money by way of increased payroll expenses. Every minute that your team is on the clock, they should be engaged in activities that are vital to your operation, and an auto dialer software ensures that they are. It works by keeping your call agents on the phone with live customers or prospects all day long. An auto dialer software uses predictive technology to determine how many calls must be made to get a live answer. It will dial as many numbers as necessary to ensure that a live transfer can be made within seconds of an agent becoming available. This way your team is on the phone all day instead of spending time dialing and listing to the phone ringing. You should see a significant increase in the number of actual customer touches as a result.

Will this solution work for my industry?

An auto dialer software works for any industry that spends time on phone sales, customer service phone calls, or donation calls. If your industry requires that you book appointments over the phone, this will work for you as well. Consider how much time your team spends making outbound phone calls. If it is more than one or two a day, an auto dialer software will help you to reach more people in less time. While most people consider using an auto dialer software for making sales calls, it can make a significant impact on your customer service operation as well. For example, if your team makes follow up calls and it takes them three days a week to do so, they could get all of their calls done in one day by cutting out the time they spend looking for numbers, dialing them, and waiting to see if someone answers. This will completely streamline the process which will open up time for them to start making sales calls or focus on other forms of customer service. Even if you were to free up one customer service agent to focus on something else like social media, your auto dialer software would have created an entirely new position without increasing your payroll expense.

I work by myself, can I still use this software?

Yes, if you are a solopreneur an auto dialer software is exactly what you need. Every business owner knows how hard it is to wear multiple hats and to get everything done. If you only have a few hours a week to spend on follow-up or sales calls, an auto dialer software will make the best use of your time to ensure that you actually speak with customers. In fact, you can start using this software immediately and as you reach more people and close more sales, you may be able to expand faster than you anticipated.

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